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  Luisiana Family Tree

On December 15, 1850, the Alcalde Mayor (equivalent to provincial governor) of Laguna released a registry of new family names changing the family names of the following into as indicated:

Alcantara to Roasa

Bernardo to Estrellado

Buenaventura to Penalosa

Concepcion to Quebar

de la Concepcion to Morillo

de Lima to Raflores

de la Torre to Teope


Mariano/Victoria to Esperanza

Martin to Rogado

Pagdingalan to Oracion

San Antonio to Apostol

San Jose to Lorico

San Juan to Romulo

San Miguel to Reodica

Horno Families probably changed into Orno. Church records showed the same information for Aurelio, Dorotea, Elsa, Maria, Maura & Raymunda. All of them were listed under Horno and Orno.

Luisiana Family Tree show data collected up to December 31, 2008. The main root of the family tree is Luisiana. The information are arranged according to generation. Click Descendants  and it will show the information starting from the main root (Luisiana) up to the Last Page. Click Surname List and it will show the family names, surnames, or last names. Click Name Index and it will show the given names or first names. Click it to show the genealogy.

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    Luisiana Family Tree

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